Benefits Of Having A Jukebox

Whatever your business, a digital jukebox is the ideal way of boosting your profits – with no costs to you.

We have installations in pubs, clubs, bars and social clubs who are using our jukeboxes to generate extra income. Not just through the money the jukebox takes, but also the extra money taken behind the bar – a happy customer spends more!

No Risk

  • No high rents to cover – the jukebox is free
  • No binding contracts – give it a try and see how it goes
  • Free jukebox installation
  • Free on-site technical support.

Our digital jukeboxes are based on a simple 50/50 profit shared basis with no risk for you or your business. 

In return, you’re provided with hundreds of the very latest jukebox music album and chart releases each month. This cost is deducted from the cashbox takings each week – before profit is split. but the rest is all profit.

You will never be liable to any costs at any time, that’s a promise.

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