Online Digital Jukeboxes

Internet Juke BoxIf you are looking for instant and regular updates, we offer a touch-screen digital jukebox that is connected online so that the latest music tracks can be accessed remotely.

This can offer near-on unlimited choices of music in your establishment with over 7 million music tracks and over 200 new tracks every week.

This easy to use touch screen jukebox offers up-to-date music choices including the latest chart releases and can because it is connected to the Internet, there are no centralised storage issues, you access the digital music online and your customer has more choice.

We Understand Your Needs

Because SB Amusements has experience with a wide range of different venues across Coventry and the Midlands, we work with you to deliver a digital jukebox system that offers your clients the choice they need and that includes your jukebox installation. We work with you to understand the way your venue works and integrate the Jukebox so it becomes an integral part of your establishment.

Digital Jukeboxes With Online Access

Streaming music does not require an overload of bandwidth with your Internet connection so the actions of your customers is instantaneous. In fact, streaming radio and music online is now very commonplace, eg. iPlayer Radio on Smart Phones.

So you will benefit from an Internet enabled jukebox instantly:

  • Superb digital music quality
  • A wide and diverse music library – updated every week
  • Instant updates when music becomes available – including new chart releases.
  • Full on-line diagnostics for your jukebox with no disruptive visits to update the music from an engineer
  • Fully upgradeable system with 10 year + lifespan
  • Fully customisable fascia to stylise your digital jukebox