Personalised Jukeboxes

If you are looking for an entertainment solution specifically for your business, we can deliver your very own personalised digital internet jukebox at no extra cost.

personalised jukeboxes

These are ideal for pubs and clubs; university bars and student unions; bowling alleys; football grounds and supporters clubs; and even in employee lounges in the workplace.

The Best Bit

Your personalised jukebox does not cost you a penny.

  • Fully customisable fascia to stylise your digital jukebox
  • Superb digital music quality
  • Over a million songs to choose from
  • New music updates every week
  • Zone control allows you set different volumes levels in different area ie. bar/lounge/outdoor
  • On-screen advertising
  • Favourites feature allows regular users to set up their own favourite track page so they don’t have to search for tracks every time.
  • Full on-line diagnostics for your jukebox with no disruptive visits to update the music from an engineer
  • Fully upgradeable system with 10 year + lifespan

We arrange a site visit to discuss the terms of your deal and the personalisation of your jukebox, followed by free installation of the system, backed up with free onsite technical support all year round.

We also offer great rental deals (please contact us for arental quote)

We Understand Your Needs

Because SB Amusements has experience with a wide range of different venues across the UK, we work with you to deliver a personalised digital jukebox system that offers your customers the choice they need. We work with you to understand the way your venue works so we can integrate the Jukebox to become an integral part of your establishment.